There is no other word to describe what happened last night in Paris. Pure evil. Evil done by cowards. Evil done by those who are heartless. Evil done by those with no care whatsoever for their fellow man. Evil. When confronted with the reality of such evil, we cannot help but ask questions. Why? Where’s God? How am I supposed to respond to this as a human, as a Christian? 

Tomorrow at Eastpoint we will diverge from our current series to address some of these questions. Sometimes a cultural moment, in this case a tragedy beyond comprehension, affords us the opportunity to answer questions many are asking. We will not answer all of these sufficiently in one sermon, but we can begin. As we begin we can be reminded of who we are and who God has called His people to be. As we begin we can remember who our God is and how He works, even when the evidence of His character and work is seemingly shrouded by the pain of this world.

We invite you to join us tomorrow. We invite you to join us as we grieve, as we pray, and as we seek to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the midst of our darkest times. We invite you to ask questions. We invite you to bring your troubled soul. We invite you to see to lay down your burdens at the feet of the One who offers rest. We invite you to Christ.