When using Instagram to share your photos with the world, one of the first questions that must be answered about the photo is “What filter will I use?” The filter you choose will determine how the photo will be seen by everyone. The filter will determine whether the subject is seen in black in white, whether it will be crystal clear or blurry around the edges. The filter will determine whether the picture’s colors are bright or muted. Like I said, the filter will determine what people will see.

I wondered today whether or not you could use more than filter. What if I want black and white and blurry? Can I do that? The answer is apparently yes. You pick your primary filter and apply it to your photo. Next you apply the secondary filter to the now altered photo. The only trick is that you have to decide what your primary filter will be.

As we are in a season of political talk, terrorist bombings, and refugee crisis, there is much discussion on how a Christian is to respond. We cannot help but view the world through a variety of filters, some good and some not so much. We view the world through the lenses of our experience, our patriotism, our political leanings, our fears, our anger, our hurts, our past, and yes our faith. Of course, we do not view the world only through one filter; we have many. The question for us, as followers of Christ, is “What will our primary filter be?” It is so easy to view things the filter of fear. We easily can choose to view events and people first through the lens of being an American. For far too often, Christians on both sides of the political aisle have chosen to view the world through the filter of their political party.

The problem is that for the Christ follower our identity is not in any of these filters. We belong to Christ. When we declare Christ as Lord we are saying that our lives belong to Christ. As such, the primary filter we must view and live life through is that of Jesus. I’m not writing to tell you what you should think about what’s going on out there. And I’m not saying that we need to throw all the other filters out. We shouldn’t. We can’t. I’m simply writing to ask the people of Eastpoint (and anyone else who might be reading), “What is the primary filter you are using?” If its anything other than Christ, its time to reevaluate.