Hi! This is Pastor Kris Billiter. We are hoping to use this page to equip members and others to faithfully follow Christ in their daily lives. You will hear from staff members, elders, and other church members on what is shaping their spiritual walk including books, podcasts, articles, etc. Obviously this will grow over time


A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
Eugene Peterson
You may recognize the author’s name from his famous paraphrase of the Bible called the Message. Here Peterson lays out his vision of Christian Discipleship and spiritual formation. In a world of too many “5 steps to a deeper relationship” resources, Peterson offers an alternative vision, one based on faithful steps over a long period of time to better understand the love Christ has for us. Rooted in Scripture and grounded in practical truths, you will read this book feeling encouraged and reminded of all that you have and are in Christ.

Married Sex: A Christian Guide to Reimagining Your Love Life
Gary Thomas and Debra Fileta
I bet you weren’t expecting a book on sex to be here!!!! After being in ministry for almost 20 years, I’ve seen to many marriages go up in flames and often sexual sin is a root problem. And much of our sexual sin can be rooted in a misunderstanding of God’s design for sex between a man and wifeLet me just be blunt…God designed sex not just to produce children, but also for your enjoyment. Too many of us however, carry wounds, scars, and misunderstandings about sex into our marriage. Some of those come from past relationships, some come from abuse, and some come from bad teaching from the church. Many in my generation grew up in the middle of the purity culture movement, and wound up thinking that sex in itself was a bad thing! Here author and Pastor Gary Thomas and Christian Sex Therapist Debra Fileta present a biblical view of the design and purpose of sex, along with practical steps you can take to bring healing and/or more enjoyment into your sex lives! And yes there is a chapter titled "Can We Do That?”


The Alisa Childers Podcast

Alisa Childers is a Christian Apologist who went through an intense time of deconstructing her faith, only to come out the other side even more convinced of the truth of the Gospel. Each episode is normally around 50-60 minutes and will tackle topics that will help strengthen your faith and better understand how to interact with the culture around you. Recent episodes include whether or not Genesis is compatible with Evolution, what the Bible says about Hell, and debunking some popular Christmas myths